Monday, December 18, 2006


Today was (finally) the last day of class! We were doing grammar exercises until the bitter end.
I am leaving on an overnight train to St Petersburg on Friday. I will be there for December 23-28. I am staying with a Fransciscan community that is headed by an American. There are people from six different countries that live there, and the lingua fraca is Russian.
I plan on also seeing a lot of sites during that time and just unwinding from the semester.
On the 28th of December I will be taking the overnight train to Moscow. After a 11 hour layover, I will be taking another overnight to Dnopropetrovsk, Ukraine. I will then meet a friend there and head to Marganets, Ukraine. Marganets is the neat mining town that I spent New Years last year.
Around January 6 I will be heading to Kyiv to meet my mother and sister who (hopefully) will be arriving.
After a week hiking around the country with them: I don't have any idea what I will be doing.
I will have internet connection very, very rarely. So apologize in advance for the hiatus. I will post as often as I get the chance. I assume that I will be back in Vladimir by January 17. Classes will resume on January 26.
I will try to post one last time before I go!

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