Saturday, February 03, 2007

Vladimir: Vital Statistics

Recently I discovered that the newspaper Molva lists statistics for the city of Vladimir everyday.
Vladimir has a population of only about 314,000 (about the same size as Buffalo, New York). Between January 29-30, all of the below occurred:
- 8 traffic accidents: 6 deaths, 5 injuries
- 11 fires: 1 death
- 55 burgluraies
- 5 suicides
- 5 disappearances
- 15 counterfit bills were fouund
- 24 bodies, without ID, were found

What do the stats tell us? That the FSB (the Russian FBI/CIA) is doing a good job on fighting counterfiting! Think: You are more likely to find a body than a counterfit bill! I now feel much more secure about my finances in Russia.
Really, these numbers (according to one of my fellow students who is a cop in Denver) are not as bad as the numbers for Denver, Colorado.
Vladimir is a very safe city. The only two fears I have living here are: The stray dogs and the drivers (they don't yield for anyone).
Other than those two concerns, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Vladimir to people. DC, the capitol of the most powerful nation in the history of the world, is a far more dangerous place than Vladimir.
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La Russophobe said...

I believe you have overlooked a few facts:

(a) Russia has one of the five highest murder rates in the world;

(b) The average lifespan of a Russian is far shorter than that of an averate American, especially the men;

(c) Russia is govered by a proud KGB spy who spent his entire career learning how to lie. The very idea of relying on Russia government statistics is just plain silly.

Russia isn't losing 1 million people from its population every year because its cities offer comparable safety to that of America.

You are kidding yourself, as a psychological mechanism for avoiding worry and shock and in order to justify your actions.

Jason Smart said...
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