Friday, July 27, 2007

My Final Post

Dear Reader,

I have been back in the US for two months and have been keeping busy with things here.
I finish my BA in a two weeks and I am working for a local political campaign.
Aside from that, I have finally gotten my OPI (Oral Proficency Interview) scores and my grades from my classes in Russia.
The grades were all As and an A-.
The OPIs were more interesting.
On my ACTR administered OPI, taken in Russia, using the ILR scale (, I got a 2-.
On the second OPI that I took in the US, a couple of weeks after I returned, I tested as an Advanced-Mid on the ACTFL ( That is probably about a 2 level.
That would mean that I jumped 3 levels while in Russia (from 1, to 1+, to 2-, to 2)... That isn't bad, but I hope to make more improvements.
I have been lucky in that I have a lot of Russian speaking friends in the DC area that allow me to practice with them.
I am now looking for careers that would allow me to use my Russian, or for graduate programs (in international relations), or I am considering taking another language course in Russia... We will see.
Either way, I am always happy to hear from my readers.
Thank you for sharing with me my life in Russia!