Friday, April 06, 2007

Good times with Zina

Since my last post on Zina, my hozaika (host lady) , I have been told that I described her in all negatives. Or as one reader said, I describd Zina as a "she-devil".
Well, Zina is not a she-devil (most of the time). There are good times with Zina.
Just this morning I returned from Moscow after meeting a group of American students. In the hotel rooms in Moscow, the students had abandoned several liters of juice, vodka, beer and a bottel of champaign. Well I packed it all up and hauled it back to Vladimir with me.
When Zina saw what I had brought, you would have thought that it was Christmas. "Jason, such a smart boy! Good boy! This is what you need to do whenever you see anything for free! You must take it with you and bring it to me! Molodets!" She promptly set-in to icing the juice and drinking the beer.
I remember last semester Zina had a get together with some of her girlfriends. There was plenty of singing, dancing and of the social lubricant: liquour. Zina invited me to join her friends as they were celebrating something-another (it might have been the Day of Drivers' (aka another excuse to drink)). On these occasions she is at her prime. She is a wonderful host when she is having folks over.
Zina has also proved to be a good source of information on all of the neighbors. Because Zina is a babushka, she sits around gossiping on the phone all day. This gives her insite into all of the neighbors' problems, etc. She has spent many hours peering threw the window's curtain to see what the neighbors are doing on the street. This also provides me with entertainment. It allows us to discuss things other than my failings. Instead Zina will talk about the neighbors' kids failings.
Zina has been a lot of fun. I would not want to be with anyone else!

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