Tuesday, April 03, 2007

My Daily Routine

My days have really changed little since I first began my program in Russia, though they have changed.
Currently I am in the following rut during week days:
0745: Wake-up, shower, shave, eat, listen to Zina for a while (normal morning conversations are one of two topics: "Jason, it is cold, did you leave the window open last night as you slept? Don't come to me for sympathy when you get sick.", or "Jason, I didn't sleep at all last night, I slept horribly. Uzhasno!"
0840: Begin the 12 minute walk to school.
0900: My first class begins.
0950: There is a ten minute break between every 50 minute class.
1000: Second class begins.
1050: Second class ends.
1100: Third class begins.
1150: Third class ends. Lunch break begins.
1150-1220: Lunch in the students' cafeteria. There are special tables which are reserved for our (American) group. So we actually do not mix with the Russian students during lunch.
1220-1230: More than half of the group piles into the courtyard to smoke.
1230: Fourth class begins.
1320: Fourth class ends.
1330: Fifth class begins.
1420: Fifth (and last) class ends.
* On Mondays, the group meeting takes place immediately following the last class. These meetings are utilized by Tom, the Residential Director, to primarily discuss upcoming excursions, etc.
1445-1700: Either run errands, stop by the Uzbeks' construction site, go running, or drop by the internet cafe.
1700-1745: In this block of time I eat dinner most every night, at home, with Zina supervising how much I eat.
1800-1900: Read/sleep/not-much-of-anything.
1900-2330: Study or hang out with friends.
2330: Read/Go to bed.

So that is a brief synopsis of my normal Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.
Thursday the schedule is similar, only there is not likely to be much studying after class.
Fridays we go on excursions (generally for a couple of hours) during the mid-morning/afternoon. There are no classes held on Fridays.
Weekends vary significantly. I generally get up by 0800 and either study, or go for a run. This is followed by reading or more studying. Through out most afternoons/evenings I usually go hang-out with my Russian speaking friends.
Of course, my schedule is by no means concrete. In a couple of hours (today is Tuesday) I am going to some international festival that one of my (Russian) friends is anxious to go to. And tomorrow I am going to Moscow to meet with a friend arriving from the States.
Everyone finds their own routine here. I think the worst thing possible is to come home everyday from school and to just sit in ones' room. That is deadly! Don't do it! Its so bloody depressing... And you don't work on your language acquisition by sitting alone in your room!

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